When it comes to heated subjects of the day, such as immigration or same-sex marriage, some advocates and supporters of such subjects tend to use questionable arguments and memes to argue their point. Such arguments tend to be based on lines like this: “Are you against illegal immigration? Well, look in the mirror cause your ancestors (Pilgrims, Puritans, etc.) were illegal/undocumented immigrants.” or “It is 2015. About time you got to the 21st century.” The first sounds clever…unless one realizes that such a time was well before the existence of nation states in the “New World” and therefore is a false equivalency. The second one is less so, as how exactly human rights violations changed with the change in calendar date isn’t quite clear. Discrimination and subjugation of civilians around the world continues on well to the present day. Previous centuries hardly own sole claim to such issues, so to make such a statement is hopelessly disingenuous. Indeed there are terrible things to stand against in the world today, but there are better arguments to use against such atrocities than ahistorical arguments that don’t advance any relevant inquiry.

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While some would use an argument of false equivalency to advance immigration beliefs, many of those same individuals would see the same kind of argument that was used (as this article mentions) against same-sex marriage in Virginia as being problematic, as it is: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2014/05/pocahontas_argument_against_gay_marriage_officially_the_worst_ever.html