Euphemistically referred to as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution has been villianized and ridiculed for centuries as being a vector of violence and disease, and therefore is to be found illegal in most parts of the world, including most parts of the United States (except for some counties of Nevada). However, recent research and analysis into the subject has begun to challenge such conventional beliefs. Contrary to arguments of increased violence and illness, in Germany and New Zealand such cases actually either went down or were of no significant difference after prostitution was legalized. Such outcomes aren’t that shocking, considering that allowing openness and liberalization to industries tends to get them out of the black market so that injustices can be reported and exposed more easily. Also, illness and disease are better able to be dealt with and reported if jail isn’t a penalty for openness. I’ve never understood how sexual relations somehow become despicable once money is involved. As long as force and coercion aren’t at play, what adult individuals wish to do among themselves are their own business…which makes it interesting that many feminists are against legalizing or decriminalizing sex work ( Here is to more empowerment.

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