Why the need to draw attention to something that has happened since the Earth had climates to begin with is always a mystery, but that is where we are at I guess (only further indication of the silliness of the name change from “anthropogenic global warming”). In any case, gestures like this really mean nothing since they showcase a lack of knowledge for what energy innovation has brought to our society. In fact, emissions have gone down as better methodologies at extracting the fuel we need…such as fracking…have taken place (https://www.iea.org/newsroom/news/2017/march/iea-finds-co2-emissions-flat-for-third-straight-year-even-as-global-economy-grew.html; https://energyindepth.org/national/theres-no-debate-fracking-brings-down-greenhouse-gas-emissions/). Electricity has in fact allowed us to become more efficient economically, as well as emission-wise. Compare that to the use of candles and other antiquated means which Earth Hour activists have encouraged use of, which actually increase emissions (http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/project_syndicate/2013/03/earth_hour_is_all_wrong_we_need_more_electricity_not_less.html; http://blog.heartland.org/2013/03/how-to-understand-celebrate-earth-hour/).

Not to mention the silliness of staying in the dark for an hour while using up the energy either through watching television, or tweeting on one’s phone about how cool they are. Such smugness flies in the face considering that such attention seekers have the benefit of going back to their comfortable energy usage after the hour is done (if, again, they aren’t already watching television, tweeting on their phone, or microwaving a dinner). People in places like North Korea don’t have such a luxury, where homes have only a few hours of power on average daily. Then again, considering how many people live in abject poverty in the totalitarian state, that just comes with the territory (https://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/rick-newman/2013/04/12/heres-how-lousy-life-is-in-north-korea; http://thefederalist.com/2015/03/28/bad-news-climate-change-alarmists-north-korea-is-destroying-you-at-earth-hour/). Let that be a reminder where the real struggle is, and that we should instead be grateful for all that our innovation and growth have given us. I’d rather enjoy that hour in the light, rather than the dark thank you very much.

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