The descent of authoritarianism continues. Recently, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (in the loosest sense since there is a firm question as to whether citizens would support him being president still) has begun to push for a constitutional re-write that would affirm his hold on power. I guess when you’re basically a dictator, and the prospects become more and more likely that you will lose your power due to the ever-collapsing economic and political situation that your policies bring…the only option, in true dictatorial fashion, is to rewrite the structure that is tasked with constraining your power. Combine that with the recent attempt to consolidate power through the judiciary (eventually walked back due to angst on the part of massive protests in Venezuela and elsewhere), as well as baring potential rivals from unseating you…and suspending regional and gubernatorial elections last year (;;, and it is clear that the Maduro regime will stop at nothing to hold on to power. Their contempt for the populace they claim to serve showcases the danger that ever-unaccountable government brings.


The continued plight that Venezuelans face due to the poor economic and societal decisions that their government has enacted, and which showcases the result that comes from a state that holds no value for the personal decisions that everyday people make –;;;;;;;;;;;;;;