Instead of dealing with the understanding that the public school system has become increasingly problematic to families and students, the union American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten chose to offer only inflammatory rhetoric about school choice advocates, a demonstration of ad hominem argumentation ( How the ability of people to have more control over the quality of their education is “racist” I have no idea. Contrary to her assertions over the so-called dangers of school choice, studies show such alternatives to have either neutral or positive results…with none finding anything negative (;; This as opposed to public school sectors, which have produced stagnant results despite extensive budget support over the years (;; On the subject of diversity, charter schools have been shown to be remarkably integrated and a boon for minority students (;;, while public schools have actually been shown to be increasingly segregated according to a report by the Government Accountability Office…perhaps because many are leaving for better options (

Perhaps instead of demonizing those who seek alternative choices in the quality of their education, Ms. Weingarten should focus on the devolution of the public school moniker, and how the teacher unions…especially the organization she leads…have played a role in the mess, being more focused on political causes rather than educational success, and supporting bad teachers (;;;; Then again, perhaps that is too much to ask of those who have been all too comfortable to enjoy their power over struggling families and students.


Some other ways that education is becoming more decentralized and diverse in application, particularly on the ever-budding information superhighway:

A good PBS program looking at the struggles of the education sector, and how some are trying to break through –