Here are recent technological advances and discoveries that could aid in alleged issues of genetics, climate change, disease, energy, hunger, birth, safety, sexuality, medical costs, convenience, and production among other things. Such capabilities showcase why making sure our society remains as open and free a marketplace to growth, ideas, and endeavors as it can is so important, so that such outcomes are more likely to occur. Who knows what else lies around the corner.


Other genetic projects (DNA, aging molecules, gene therapy) –

Researcher Says He’s Found Molecule To Fight Aging

New gene therapy may ‘turn off’ asthma

Telemedicine and health care automation –

Somatic cell transformation/nucleotide hijacking –

Molecular change/process tweaking –

Cleanup tech –

3d printing/production –

Autonomous/flying vehicles –

AI/robots –

Blockchain –

Genetic engineering –

Microchip implants –